What we do

The Anti-cellulite

Innovative mechanism of action to treat cellulite.
Cellulite provokes loss of shape in the skin, which causes what is known as the “orange peel syndrome”. The cause of these deformations is not linked to fat but is owing to a circulation disorder leading to inflammation. This is the reason why treatments to reduce fat have no effect on “the orange peel syndrome” The anticellulite cream regenerates the dermis, bringing back natural resistance to the deformations produced by cellulite, while treating vascular issues from within.

Medically certified results.
Clinical studies performed by doctors worldwide referenced have shown that twice a day application during 28 days reduce cellulite by 31% as average value and increase skin firmness in average value by 51%.

One cream for the whole year.
Our revolutionnary anti- cellulite actives brings the nutrition and moisturizing of a body cream instead of the dryness from the regular anti-cellulite products. Cream can be used during all the year as the only body cream, maximizing the anti-cellulite effect.

The Cream

The aging signs have its origin in the dermis. If a treatment is not able to reach to this layer, it will not be able to act upon the causes. The access to the dermis is very complex and it is out of the reach of the majority of cosmetic products. Through medical research we developed the anti-aging cream YEN, which is able to regenerate the dermis and to treat the real origin of the skin aging.

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The Serum

Wrinkles, paleness, stains or flaccidity are aging signs that only can be treated by a deep dermis regeneration. Concentrated serum Yen has a powerful regenerating effect in the dermis able to reconstruct damaged tissus affected by aging.

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Cleaning creams

Our base, formulated as cleansing milk, eliminates completely with a single application all oil soluble impurities, such as grease and traces of makeup. Our mousse, with a soapy texture, is more effective for removing all kinds of water soluble impurities, such as grubbiness. In this way the pores are disinfected and relaxed, and your skin is prepared to activate the Effect with more power.

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The Story

More than working for beauty, we work for life.

At Endor, we design and create the active ingredients for Y.en in our own premises, using nanotechnology.

However, our main activity is nanomedicine.
We specialize in oncology and tissue regeneration, which has enabled us to create these innovative cosmetic products.

Our aim is to achieve that, as well as you, millions of other people can live more fully, more optimistically and more positively.

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