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Y.en promotes cellular migration and proliferation and regenerates the extracellular matrix. This means that the cells of your skin, after being activated by the treatment, will begin to move more and with greater vitality, will reproduce more and so reconstruct the extracellular matrix, which is the medium in which they live and where they receive the nutrients which come to them from the interior of the organism. The mobility of your cells, their capacity to reproduce and their ability in taking up nutrients are qualities on which their vitality depends. This, more than anything else, defines the external qualities of your skin.

In less than 24 hours Y.en will already be acting on the protein which regulates key aspects for the life of your cells. Then a series of biological changes begins in your skin and becomes visible on the outside so that:

After the first week you will begin to see a softening of the finer wrinkles which will increase as the days pass. The same thing happens with volume. You will see that different parts of your face have greater volume and firmness. This is due to an increase in the density of the extracellular matrix. It is a “filling effect” natural to the skin. Improving the density also improves the circulation of the nutrients on which your cells live from the interior of the organism. On improving their vitality, the luminosity of the skin increases. This increase in luminosity is one of the most impressive effects of the treatment. All these effects strengthen with the passing of the days.

After the first month of treatment the internal regeneration reaches the base layer, where the melanocytes responsible for the pigmentation of your skin are found. The distribution of melanocytes becomes balanced and results in the weakening and, in many cases, the total disappearance of spots and melasmas. Thus Y.en gives you a more uniform skin.

To activate these effects in your skin we use the same technology as we have already applied to help patients with serious skin lesions to achieve unprecedented regeneration.


As well as activating the Effect, the treatment has to satisfy your skin’s external needs for nutrition, protection and comfort. We do not differentiate between “skin types” but prefer to concentrate on your skin’s needs. Your face can have different needs depending on its own qualities, the time of year and your attitude. Here we describe for you when Y.en is the perfect treatment for you.

The Serum is the first step in the treatment and due to its rapid absorption it is not involved in the skin’s protection and nutrition. Its function is centred on activating the Effect intensely. This is why it is useful to you at any time of year or for any activity. You will notice its effectiveness whether your skin is dry or greasy. If your skin is very greasy or with a tendency to acne, the Serum will be sufficient and we do not recommend using a cream afterwards.

The Cream is principally responsible for meeting your skin’s external needs, in addition to providing prolonged activation of the Effect at cellular level. If your skin is greasy or mixed, the Cream will give you all the nutrition and protection you need, even on very cold days and in a dry climate. If your activity is essentially out-of-doors, it will keep your skin nourished and flexible, as well as protecting it with SPF 10. However, if your skin is very dry, we recommend reserving the Cream for days of less severe weather, as the protection that it gives you may not be sufficient, especially if your activity is outside or you have to spend many hours in the sun.

Both Cream and Serum are free of parabens and colorants and have very little scent, so they do not interfere with your own perfume.

The serum and the cream act on the cells in complementary ways.

Both products have exactly the same concentration of the active ingredient; the difference is the way in which each product releases it into the cells.

The serum penetrates very fast and concentrates the active on the cells in a very short space of time. The Effect is very intense and with an action of short duration, so that we obtain an intense, brief peak of effectiveness.

In contrast, the cream releases the active ingredient into the cells gradually and constantly. The action goes on for hours.

Applied after the serum, the cream sustains the peak obtained from the action of the former. When both act together the Effect is optimized.

Without deep cleansing and asepsis no treatment is effective. A dirty skin shows a stressed behaviour, reacting and blocking the penetration of actives. It is essential for the treatment to be preceded by the cleansing protocol to be effective.

The Y.en cleansing protocol is in two stages. The first, the Base, will help you to remove oil-soluble impurities such as makeup or facial grease. Next, the Mousse will remove impurities soluble in water and will disinfect your skin. The protocol that we offer you is an updated version of Japanese facial cleansing treatments.

We are aware that the general rule in cosmetics today is to have collections with a very broad range of products. Treatments for day and night, anti-wrinkle, moisturisers, refirming, tensors, anti-spot… and so on. Every product treats a different external quality. The reason why the Y.en collection is so short is that the treatment acts on the skin’s basic biology, on the very foundations which sustain it and on which the external qualities of your skin depend.

Because at cellular level the skin has the same needs for both day and night. Activating the cells more frequently will give you better results. The Cream is absorbed so effectively that you can do your makeup as soon as you have applied it or go to sleep without leaving any traces on your pillow.

After reaching 30 years, the skin cells begin to diminish their mobility, their capacity to reproduce and their nutrition. Therefore the Y.en treatment makes sense after that age.

Using the Cream and the Serum day and night, the treatment lasts for approximately three months. The cleansing products are in large size format and generally last for six months or more in regular use.

No. Y.en is a cosmetic treatment and as such is suitable for anyone without needing a medical or specialist prescription. There are dermatologists who prescribe Y.en and clinics which use it as a regenerator. You can try the products yourself with total tranquillity. No-one knows better than you what is best for your skin.

Yes. It is not frequent but in some cases when starting to use Y.en the Effect is intense and causes a slight itching, not at all worrying. After three or four days it disappears and rarely returns. It only happens the first time that you use the treatment.

Only one, the nanospheres which activate the Effect. We don’t offer you a cocktail of actives because the treatment acts on what we consider most important for your skin. By reducing the number of actives we can produce the most appropriate concentrations of the principal and keep the purity and personality of the Effect intact for you.


In medicine, laboratories have searched for decades, in nature or using complex chemical processes, for active principles which could serve as treatment for various kinds of illnesses. But at the end of the 20th century the instruments and knowledge to go one step further began to appear: using the tiniest compounds as though they were pieces of a construction kit, to “create” new materials. In this way, we can design and assemble new materials using pieces as small as a DNA chain or an atom of gold. Nanotechnology is the name given to the science which studies the creation of these new materials and their application in fields as diverse as medical therapy and the early diagnosis of diseases. Nanotechnology is considered as the science which will change our lives most during the next century.

Y.en is a product of Endor Nanotechnologies ( In Endor we apply nanotechnology to develop treatments which help people affected by serious diseases. We specialize in oncology and the regeneration of the skin. Since 2007 we have created new materials with unique biological properties which have been used for applications as diverse as the detection and treatment of tumours and the regeneration of skin damaged by chemotherapy.

In 2011 we applied our medical knowledge to cosmetics, creating the most advanced treatment existing today: Y.en - The Effect.

Y.en is based on our experience in the construction of nanomaterials and in their application for the regeneration of damaged skin. The nanospheres that we use are designed and manufactured in our own premises. This has made us a unique case in top range cosmetics: we range through all the phases, from advanced research until reaching you. Without intermediaries.

Nanotechnology, as with architecture or electronics, is not a substance but a new way of building materials. Therefore nanotechnology is neither safe nor unsafe. This question relates to materials which are constructed with it. The use of nanomaterials has opened new frontiers in medical research because they can be used to make things that could not be achieved by other means. These materials surpass the safety standards in the pharmaceutical industry, which are the most demanding in the world. The European Commission requires from manufacturers exhaustive checks on safety for any nanomaterial which forms part of a cosmetic. You need only look at the INCI (list of ingredients composing a cosmetic) to see that together with the name of the nanomaterial the term nano appears in parenthesis. This is evidence that the product has passed the exacting safety controls dictated by the European Commission.


In order to create Y.en Effect we have applied the most advanced medical technology that exists. That's why you only will find the range in specialised stores. We collaborate with most of the best dermatologists, clinics and beauty centres in Barcelona, Madrid and Paris. The first place where you can find Y.en know, consult and buy Y.en Effect is here. We want to keep a direct contact with you because it's the best way to transmit you how special is the treatment and receiving your experiences. If you want to contact sales points in your city, contact us and we will inform you immediately.

Yes. We want you to be convinced of the result before you decide to have it. With your online purchase of the Cream or the Serum you will receive a sample of the product you have just bought. You will receive it for every purchase. It is in a 5 ml size format so that you can try out the treatment for one week and see the Effect. If after this time you are not convinced by the results, we will take the product back without any cost to you and refund the purchase price. Please do not open the main product until you are sure that it is right for you. The creams are packed in highly controlled conditions so that they come to you in perfect condition. Once the pack is opened it cannot be used again and therefore we cannot accept its return. If you have to return your purchase, please contact the logistics department through this questionnaire.